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Alive still!

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Sea Change

Just heard this song on the way to work this afternoon!

Live Aid.

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h2g2 Musicians Guild

I remember spending the day in my new house, with a handfull of guys from work. We sat, drank a few beers, compared all the bands. Queen were unanimously voted as the show stealers. We were all shocked and stunned at Bob Geldof using the "F" word on live national TV.

On reflection, maybe we should have been more shocked at the harrowing images of starving men women and children and their fight for survival.

Live Aid.

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I spent the entire Live Aid experience glued to the tv-set with the stereo up LOUD ! I think that Queen's sound was incredible(they used the same P.A.-system as the others), and that Howard Jones's ad hoc appearance(doing Hide and Seek) was one of the highlights of the show. Doing that song on the piano and have 90.000 people sing along....wow !

As far as I can remember it was the only day that I felt absolutely proud to be a musician because of what someone else managed to do.

The best story I heard about Live Aid was that Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury were together backstage, lining up for a drink and paying it themselves ! It showed the spirit of the day.

Long live Bob.


Live Aid.

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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

What about Elvis Costello doing "A little Northern folk song" - All you need is love? - Fantastic smiley - smiley

Live Aid.

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the luggage handler

I listened to the day in a bus coming back from the lakes to devon at the end of a weeks camping and we knew very little about it but listened mesmerised as the radio played and 40+ of us sat in a coach on the m6 then m5 amd finally all along the old north devon road to school were our parents were to collect us in silence. When I got off the bus my first words to my parents was have you heard the radio, they all ready had it on. We went home to watch the rest of the night live in tv. one amazing day. nothing has come close with the exception of the freddy tribute in 92, which was stunning as well.
Nothing takes me back to then as much as the images and words from that one day. I was 16.

Live Aid.

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Researcher 168814

I remember the Band Aid thing each time I hear Madona. It was the first time I kind of remember seeing her, and I didn´t like it. Now each time I see Madona, I think: Who would have thought that she´d get that famous?

I forgot most of what was played and so on. I was 15 years old then, but I sometimes would like to have another look at it. We were on an Exchange a year later (in 1986) and a friend of mine was staying with someone, who had the whole thing on video, and they spent the afternoons watching it... Was I envious...

Live Aid.

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party at the palace was just as good as live aid

Live Aid.

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Hi researcher you dont like madona or her performance?try listening her without watching her

Live Aid.

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While Queen were magnificent with Freddie in great form, U2 stole the show for me with Bono being the showman supreme.

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