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With all due respect, what the me is Seldon?
Reality tunnels - a phrase I borrow from R.A. Wilson to describe a human (quantum waveform structure)'s way of perceiving the general anthropic mishmash that is universe - a sieve, a filter through which they only perceive the reality that they deem suitable. Have I completely messed up decribing it? I think so, but please tell me it makes sense.


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R. Daneel Olivaw -- (User 201118) (Member FFFF, ARS, and DOS) ( -O- )

Thanks for the explanation of reality tunnels.

And, as to the question, what the you is Seldon?

In Foundation, by Isaac Asimov, there is a religion that claimes that there is a Galactic Spirit that sent a prophet named Hari Seldon to save people from barbarism. The whole religion was set up by a small group of people so that they could rule part of the remanents of the collapsing Galactic Empire. Some of the characters use the phrase "What in Seldon's name?" in the place of such common phrases as "What the h**l?". Since my screen name is a character from that future history (although not that book, however he is a friend of the real Hari Seldon, who is real as well as mythical), I thought iw ould be appropriate for me to use that phrase occasionally.


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Ahah, I see, cunnning.
In character posting. Much like my end-of-post

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