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Bullet proof glass?

Too right!

Does it also have "Cheery Cockney Cash n' Dave" proof glass?

I've stayed in many many London hotels and the thing they all have in common is that not only are they over-priced but it's bloody impossible to take a leak without the tiolet seat falling down mid-stream. I think it's something to do with the Greenwich meridian and electro-static rings.

London hotels

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The bedroom toilets are OK in the Averard, but the others in the "public" areas suffer from the problems you describe. Now this might well be a ley line thing - the toilets worst affected are in the lowest part of the building. The problems seems to diminish as the loos get further away from the Earth's centre.

Like all good hotels and bars, the toilets that are used by people using the bar are down a very narrow flight of stairs then into a very small cubicle which may have had a previous incarnation as a broom cupboard. For one broom. This can be fun at the latter end of an evening.

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Yeah, And they add extra steps throughout the evening.

Try it yourself - you go for a whizz at 7.30 pm no trouble at all - drink a few beers - now try the same journey at 11.30 pm - takes ages and is well treacherous


I'm tellin' ya!

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