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How NOT to teach your child how to swim

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Do NOT, under any circumstances, attempt to teach your child your to swim by throwing him/her into a body of water. Trust me on this. The "Sink or Swim" method of instruction only works if you're willing to let the kid sink... which tends not to instill a love of water in them. Odd how drowning and near-death experiences can establish a permanent phobia, isn't it?

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How NOT to teach your child how to swim

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Barney's Bucksaws

We didn't actually teach the Kid to swim. What we did was get him interested in fishing. Our little hero wanted to go down to the river with his friends to fish. A group of them took their tackle and rods, hopped on their bikes and rode the few blocks to the Red River. Now, this is a muddy, deep, current-filled river. We told him he couldn't go till he learned to swim, and we'd checked him out. Then we put him in swimming lessons. He learned as fast as he could, and then spent many happy hours at the river bank.

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How NOT to teach your child how to swim

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