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Apologies where due!

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melbourne mark

I apologise for calling the Herald Sun the Sun Herald.
I apologise for using the word ghetto when I really meant the opposite. The Prahran and Collingwood nightlife scenes are designed to keep heterosexuals out rather than gays in. Anyone got a word for that?
The original pre edited piece was entitled 'Melbourne, Australia - A Tourist Guide' and never had pretensions of being all things to all people, just a basic start up guide for new arrivals of all persuasions and proclivities.
Strongly agree about Paynesville and Metung and the whole Lakes complex - why don't you write a guide entry? - Then duck for cover!

Apologies where due!

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Phoenician Trader

The word ghetto did mean a place where outsiders were locked out. They were turned in prisons much later.

In much the same way lunatic asylums were intended to provided space and asylum to lunatics - the walls were meant to keep the outside world at bay. Represive goverments only later turned them into locked spaces and places of punishment!

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