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The article is great but I thought it was a shame Passion was only mentioned as an aside.. For many years it was my most listened to album, and I know no more soothing music..


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Hi Ackalon,

Thanx for the response.

And well, you're right. Passion is a great album. But to the best of my knowledge it was an album that also held material previously used(like Birdy). I did not mention Birdy much either, although I love the album.
I have to admit that I have heard 'Passion' but I never bought it..... It's the only one I don't have smiley - sadface Yet smiley - winkeye So that may be why it wasn't referred to more. If possible I will include more info on 'Passion' in the next version of the article.




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Researcher 194402

Thanks for the wonderful article. The Passion recording was new material from Peter, although many of the songs were based around recordings made by the guests. These are all extensively credited in the liner notes. As a long time fan on Peter's, I often listen to this cd because of the atmospheric and seamless nature of the work. The only vocals are some Gabrielese and contributions from other artists, but the African and Middle-Eastern instrumentations are excellent. For you drummers and rhythmitists out there, you'd be hard pressed finding some better percussion anywhere. All in all, Passion is one of my very favourite albums, and Peter proves that moving and melodic stories can be told without any lyric content.


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Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

In the next edition, you can add the soundtrack for "Long Walk Home" subtitled Rabbit Proof Fence, also brand new music, featuring aboriginal Australian instruments.

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