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Rare but true

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Hi there! I work within the uk at a animal park & was recently admitted into hospital with anaphalactic shock due to many Pharaoh ant bites along the back of my neck & shoulder.
Since then I have read many articles on this ant with many conflicting opinions.
I agree that it is a rare case as my doctor said but some people are more succeptible to these things & pharaoh ants can carry some pretty nasty diseases.
The place where these ants live is virtually impossible to treat due to the amount of birds & reptiles in the exhibit.
Any ideas on what to do would be greatfully appreciated!smiley - smiley

Rare but true

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One way to disrupt the food supply is to cut the phemerone trails.
This can be done with lemon juice, deodorant, or gels designed for this purpose. When I lived in Florida such gel sticks were comercially available.

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