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1. It would be good to note that flushes in the crib only count if the "starter" card is the same suit and then 5 points are scored.

2. Also remember that if the Jack of any suit is turned up as a "starter" card, the dealer gets to score 2 points immediately.

3. And if the person scoring his/her hand does not count and subsequently peg all the points, the other player may opt to take those points him/herself and score them.

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I was going to mention all three of these points myself. Can we get an editor to come in and revise the (otherwise extremely helpful and informative) article slightly?

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One more thing - the jack is only worth 1 point when showing, not 2.

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...and when claiming this point the phrase, "and one for his nob" is used.

Also, of course, if you have a hand that scores no points at all it is called "nineteens".

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LadyB - Muse of STATUS QUO and Road Crews, Keeper of All Things RHINO Related

I thought it was 'Two for his heels' if it was a Jack???

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I think dealer scores for his heels if a jack is turned up. Any hand with a jack of the same suit as the turned up card scores for his nob.

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LadyB - Muse of STATUS QUO and Road Crews, Keeper of All Things RHINO Related

Aha! smiley - smiley

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Researcher 208601

A Flush in your hand is scored 1pt for each card if they are the same suit, in the Box the turn up must also be the same suit to score a flush. does help if everyone plays by the rules instead of thinking they know them

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