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is 29 really the highest

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my highest hand is 28 , ive heard rumours 29 is the highest but ive never seen it, i think it is a myth perpetuated to keep us playing, surely the cribbage god would be more benevolent and deal it a bit more often. has anyone ever received a 29 Hand??

is 29 really the highest

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29 is possible but it is pretty unlikely. To do it, you would have to be dealt three fives and a jack. However, only one jack will do - it must be the one that is a different suit from your fives. That is pretty unlikely. Then, the fourth five must be turned up. That would give fifteen-eight for the jack and each five, fifteen-eight for the four fives, 12 for the 6 pairs of fives and one for his nob. Total is 29. I have been playing for more than 30 years and I've never seen one - but you live in hope!

is 29 really the highest

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Yes it is and believe it or not i have two in my 30 plus years of playing cribsmiley - ok.

is 29 really the highest

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in uncendave's example, if the dealers hand is four 5's and a jack is cut(starter), what is the total points awarded to dealer for that hand? including 2 for his "nibs" and 28 for the hand, looks like 30 to me. i agree with 29 "in a hand" but 30 is possible?? just a thought.

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