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cribbage ( oops your rules are wrong )

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I was just reading your rules to cribbage, I must point out that if I was to play this game using your scoring and playing rules in any northern public house then I would most probably be forced to ingest the glass in which my frothy warm beer was residing, be made to watch(whilst gagged and eyes taped open) certain unbelievable television shows on the 40 inch pull down screen (I believe you call these soap operas), and then made to fornicate with the landlords 80 year old mother ( who actually doesn't look a day over 150), aaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Games are won in cribbage by playing games to 61 or 121

Games are played by 2 to 4 people (4 people playing play as teams of 2)

If any Jack is turned up as the spare card, the person holding the crib hand is awarded one point ( one for his nob ).

Each person is dealt more cards than they need, if it is a 4 person game they are dealt 5 cards, if a 2 person game they are dealt 6 cards. You keep only 4 cards, the other/s you throw to the crib hand thereby putting 4 cards into the crib hand. This crib hand is then a second hand to a player (this honour of holding 2 hands rotates clockwise with every new deal). When you have all discarded the cards you don't want the spare card is turned over, the result of this is you now have 5 cards with which to score.

Scoring for a Jack in your hand which matches the suit of the spare card scores only ONE, and not two as you have posted.

I hope that this has been a valuable lesson to you and you will not fall foul of the mistakes in future, I'm off now gotta go and see my fiance', you gotta look on the bright side in life ( she may be 80 and smell faitly of festering cabbage, she may be almost comatose and have no language skills from watching too many soap operas but there are always good points, her son does own a pub).

Goodbye ( P.S. stay away from pubs where dominoes, cribbage, don and darts are played. Don't say i didn't warn you )

cribbage ( oops your rules are wrong )

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Maybe you play a different variation but in all online gaming sites and the way i was taught you get two points for a jack turn if you are the owner of the crib.
Maybe its a variation as well but on gaming sites you get 2 points for the 15 and 1 pt for the last when you make a 15 with the last card but nobody i have played physically in my area plays that rule , its just 1 for the last card. Does anyone else play this as well ?

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cribbage ( oops your rules are wrong )

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