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Researcher 171454

Points to note if you want to visit Abu Simbel;

- The only way to reach Abu Simbel from tourist Egypt is by air.
Flights are regular from Aswan and are generally on a reasonably sized plane (737). The flight is very short; about 15 minutes.

- The small door next to the statues that leads into the artificial mountain is not open to the public any longer.

- Take a camera... it's worth it!

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Cheerful Dragon

I presume that when you say 'tourist Egypt', you mean the parts where tourists spend a lot of time, like Luxor, Aswan and Cairo. It's true that you have to fly to Abu Simbel if all you're doing is a Nile cruise, for example. However, there are cruises on Lake Nasser which are well worth the extra cost. Having done one, I feel that the best way to get to Abu Simbel is via the Lake. That way you get to see it without having to pass the airport and the increasingly 'touristy' bits. The sight of the temple when approached from the Lake has much more impact.

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