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Where did the word "range" come from?
The approved version of the article says that the Princess was the world's largest flying boat range and flew in 1952 - it was a flying boat, it flew in 1952, and the word "range" makes no sense...

Any other comments?

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Researcher 165280

What was the extremely large flying boat (or possibly two) that was moored at E.Cowes in the late 1950's. As a child I remember crossing by ferry from Southampton, seeing a lot of what I now know were R.N. launches,armed ones,and on the way into the ferry landing this enormous flying boat, whcih to me seemed much larger than a Sunderland. What happened to it or them?
I also remember seeing the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and the Mauretania(I think) off the coast.
I recall we were lodged in a caravan park overlooking the sea, with a paddling pool almost on the shore, and a castle to the right at the end of a dead end road. You could see an amazing assortment of shipping going by, mainly RN warships.

East Cowes

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I assume you mean the Saunders Roe Princess, launched in 1952 and scrapped in 1969. Three were built, but nothing really happened to them. Look at:

So, were you/are you from Southampton - or just passing through on the way to the Island?


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