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Thai beer update

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There are other beers that are reasonably commonly available in Thailand.

Tiger is often available, priced slightly above Singha and fairly popular with the farang community.

There are two cheap local brands Archa and Cheers, I have only managed to drink small quantities because they are pretty awful.

Can't drink lots of Singha, its too gassy.

Won't drink lots of Chang, it's dangerous. It is of variable strength and have sometimes found 1 bottle getting me seriously damaged. There are also changovers: best avoided.

So that leaves us with the pleasantly priced, clean tasting and alround highly drinkable, Beer Leo. My usual tipple.

But due to some slightly bizarre policy on alcohol taxation, you can buy a 70cl bottle of blended scotch for about GBP 5, and cheap Thai spirit, called variously whisky or rum for about GBP 2.5.

As they say here: Chok Di (good luck)

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Thai beer update

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