A Conversation for Waffle House Restaurants

Georgia Law and Waffle House

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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

There is a law in Goergia that requires two Waffle Houses be erected at each interstate exit.

Georgia Law and Waffle House

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Believe it or don't, it's a Feng Shui principle set down by company management to ensure "many cash registers ringing at all times."

Georgia Law and Waffle House

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As a native "Georgian" I can assure you, the state law requires no such thing as having 2 WH's at every exit! LOL smiley - biggrin

They DO, however, seem to require that all Waffle House waitresses drink, or take drugs (legal & illegal), follow the rule in the Bible to procreate and have multiple family members willing to work alongside them in the establishment!

I worked for Waffle House and was actually forced to quit because I was not one of the trailer park trash they like to hire and refused to lower myself to their "standards"!

Georgia Law and Waffle House

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Darlin', remember that Waffle House was created so that people who are not actually able to rise to the top of the ranks of the employed might have gainful employment.

Besides, they need drunks to work there to put up with the drunks they have to serve at three in the morning!

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