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A piano for a piece of land...

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Years ago (in the 1920s or 1930s I think) my great grandparents came second in a competition to name a new seaside town in Sussex with their entry Anzak-on-sea, the winning entry was Peacehaven. For their prize they got a double plot of land in Peacehaven which they promptly sold and invested the full amount in a new piano. This piano was always terribly out of tune at my grandparents' house in the 1970s and 1980s but was always fun to play (think Les Dawson here)! When my grandparents died we sold the piano to some family friends as my parents already had a piano for the princely sum of £50. It was surprising how well it tuned up and how well it stayed in tune thereafter.

When these friends decided they didn't want it anymore I bought it from them for the price they'd paid and I now have it in my dining room. It's great but I can't help feeling I'd rather have that double plot in Peacehaven...

A piano for a piece of land...

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Kat - From H2G2

Shucks! I knew I forgot to include another way to get a piano smiley - laugh
It depends what they would have done if they had kept the plot of land...you might be wishing they'd got a piano!

Do you play the piano or does it just sit around looking...like a piano? I'm going to assume you do actually play it. What make is it? Do you find it a nice piano to play with? Can you remember how your parents got their piano?

Thanks for reading the entry smiley - ok

A piano for a piece of land...

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It's a German piano, it has a plate on it that says "Leipziger Pianofortefabrik Gebr. Zimmermann Leipzig" so I guess it's either a Zimmermann or a Liepziger? I must admit that most of the time it just sits around, I can play the piano (not very well) but I'm hoping that my children will show an interest and perform better than I can!

My parent's piano is another family piano and is very different, whereas my piano is a good one that has not been particularly well looked after, theirs is not such a good one (An Oldroyd) but is in very nice condition. My piano holds its tune really well, in fact if you don't play it very often it doesn't really go out of tune at all. My parent's piano needs tuning about three times a year whether you play it or not. Also mine has a full 8 octave keyboard whereas theirs is a few keys short, it might even be a 7 octave one.

A piano for a piece of land...

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i can not afford a piano a clarinet a saxophone so i have a casio

A piano for a piece of land...

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A piano for a piece of land... ...and my kingdom for a house?

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