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Jimi X

How about some more information about Bristol itself?
Sounds like a cool place, but as someone who's never touched the shores of England - I wanted to know more about the town/city.

So who's willing to write the definitive entry on Bristol? Anyone??


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I used to live in Bristol when I worked for the BBC - I'll glady write something on the areas I know.

However, you have to promise me one thing...

If I write them, will you read them? smiley - smiley


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Bristol is most certainly a cool place. Though I don't live there, I've a few good friends who do and I really like it.

I've been past the BBC building in Bristol a few times when going out drinking on Whiteladies Road smiley - smiley


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Fat Freddie

I'll read them. I used to live in Bristol too.....wanted to go there for *ages*, cos it looked like a cool place to live. There are a few things to get used to - the main one is coping with the locals putting the word 'to' at the end of most sentences. ITs just a mannerism, and doesn't mean anything, but is confusing, such as "where do you live to?". I ended up living there for only seven months, and left with a resolve to think harder about wanting to move somewhere before actually doing it.

Also, the Bristol that I knew was very cliquey - if you weren't wearing the right clothes, then people looked at you funny. When I say the right clothes, I mean 'trendy'. I used to live over in St. Georges - just up the road from Redfield and Eastville. However, the bars and clubs up towards Clifton (the posh bit) were a good laugh, if a little pricey. Other places I used to hang out were The Fire Engine (along Redfield road, near St. Georges Park) The Montpelier Hotel, in Montpelier, Trinity (a church converted to a club), Blue Mountain (mainly drum'nbass and Dub and Reggae), The Star and Garter (I think this is St. Paul's but I ain't sure - and it used to stay open _very_ late....) and a nice little club at the bottom of Queen's Road, called The Silent Peach.


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Jimi X

Of course I'll read it silly person! What's the point in anyone doing a bit of writing if there's nobody around to read it?

Now, get cracking!! smiley - winkeye


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The BBC building on Whiteladies Road is a real maze - I was based in the modern bit in between the Antiques Roadshow, DIY SOS and and that programme where people swapped holidays.

What I couldn't get used to was saying

"Thanks droiver" as you get off the bus...

Most strange...


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Mike A (snowblind)

Oh yes, I used to live in Bristol too, when I was a wee wee lad. One of my earliest memories is being in my garden in my old house in Bristol, looking into the sky and seeing hundreds of balloons up there. I don't think I've since ever seen so many hot-air balloons in one sky.

I'd grateful for somebody in the know to write a defintive entry on Bristol. It's strange that I know so little about it *^_^*

Be sure to check out the Fleece & Firkin and other venues for respectable bands. Might dig up a few...


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Does Bristol not merit a call for entries like other big towns and cities? (she says, not having read the entry yet)


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Mike A (snowblind)

Maybe...I'm sure there would be plenty more contributors outside the half-dozen or so potentials (if you don't mind me saying so) we have here...and it is a place that gives plenty of range for writing, if y'know what I mean...


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Researcher 168811

Hiya guys ... perhaps if you want to know about Bristol, you could head over to the BBC's where you live site for the city. We've been here for over a year now, and I hope you guys might find it useful.

To get there, head to the BBC Homepage then look for the "Where you live" icon on the right and select Bristol from this list.


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Flower Thief

Does Bristol Merit an entry?

Well, Bristol has a massive amount of history behind it. Not all of it good. The Slave trade in England was mostly run out of Bristol. Today, it can boast amongst other things...More Hot Air Balloons are made here than anywhere else in the world...put together...That's a lot of ballons....no, I mean a LOT of balloons....

Several famous people are from here, including Cary Grant, and on a more modern bent, we have of course, the popular beat combos of Massive Attack, Portishead and Roni Size. Oh and The Wurzels are local too.

The entry would need to cover Bristol Past, Present and Future, and not from a "BBC Bristol" prespective. No offense, but I do find the profiles that local TV and Radio run are just embarrasing.

Anyway, that's got me thinking, perhaps I'll make a start on it myself.


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Researcher 168811

>> "The entry would need to cover Bristol Past, Present and Future, and not from a "BBC Bristol" prespective. No offense, but I do find the profiles that local TV and Radio run are just embarrasing."

You'll be pleased to know said website isn't a TV website, but a service in its own right. No embarrising profiles, lots of info about Bristol written by people who live here and actually like the place. Trust me. Check it out.


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'Churs Droiv'
Is what us Bristolians usually utter on leaving a bus...
And Im amazed no-ones picked up on our adding an L to the end of vowel ending words such as idea and Asda (Becoming ideal and asdal)

*Might have to write an entry on Bristol*


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I'm pretty new to this site, and have been living in bristol for the last few years, after moving here from Weston super mare. I'd be more than willing to help out with a piece on bristol if anyone fancies getting together for a group effort? There is far too much for one person to do!

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