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my boyfriend has a skinhead and i don't feel it is right to judge people who have them for instance my boyfriend is in a thirty grand a year job but my mum says he looks like a bank robber or even worse a junkie ! There are people out there who have "regular" hair and do much worse things. What I am saying is that nobody should be judged on their appearance - exceptions apply !!!


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Researcher 222518

skinheads- in my opinion are only for those people who going bald and want to do so in the best way possible. shaving off your hair can actually lokk quite ok on some folk but i know the junkie types you refered to!!!!!!!


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Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron

I don't think it's necisarily unfair to judge people by their appearance. Your appearance is a reflection of the real person. Your boyfriend chooses to shave his head. I'm overwieght because I'm lazy and eat whatever I feel like. Clothing in particular can tell you about a person, since it has to be chosen every day.

What statement is your boyfriend trying to make?


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the question is, is your bf a skinhead or dose he just have short hair this isnt about the length of peoples hair .. havein short hair makes u as much of a skinhead as bein a catholic makes you the pope .. its not just a style its a way of life .. and one im proud to say i live

loud, proud and oi!



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what's wrong with just preferring to have a shaved head? I razor mine every few days and that saves me having to comb it and stuff before i go anywhere. This whole subject is unbelievably generalising. It's like saying anyone who wears trainers is an athlete

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