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Two southcoast lovers

Thanks! we're a very together couple, we think this is linked to the seven year itch thing, but that's another story?

Dr Ruth, Don't know much about her? think that i have seen her once?

We have delved into the question set above and after a lot of delving.

we think that with you in a kneeling position you get a simular effect of the "pushing out" you descibed above. with a natural degree of the pushing out effect you get with this position, you don't have to think about pushing out?

smiley - smoochof smiley - smooch

G Spot

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Mungo Magic

Can i take it by this you mean women think about sex alot? and its just that the majority of us men are s**t at it?

G Spot

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an ex of mine stumbled on my gspot accidentally ..id recommend looking for it to anyone who hasntsmiley - drool

G Spot

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If they had classes that showed or taught everyone where to find the G-spot, there would be no fun for us guys who know where it is and love to let our girl get the full pleasure out of the act.

Seriously, letting every guy know where the G-spot is would be like giving women cake everyday.

And you know cake tastes *alot* better when you only get it once in a while and not everyday =)

Off topic though, watching a woman have an orgasm is one of the greatest turn-ons ^^ To see her face and watch her body, and witness the pure pleasure she experiences is such a great moment ^^

*sighs deeply* smiley - smiley

G Spot

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.......an what were you doing circa 6am ??...
Anyway my girl showed me where hers IS...
I thought it was somewhere on the neck and there is a 'nice' bit there too!!
...took me 23 years(marriage/divorce) after hearing about it from reading "Playboy",and...well looking at the pictures...
Probably thats another reason we are different from the apes
...opposable thumb ???...diligent digits !!!
...an it stops her reaching for her @Rabbit too often.
Oh yes girls I know what that is and what it can doe...
My motto " Know what your up against"


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ooh whos been naughty n got modded? smiley - laugh

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