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wonko the sane

fractal compression is an efficient and comparatively recent
method of digital image compression ie reducing the size of those
huge megabyte .bmp files down to a few kilos.invented by barnsley and
jaouquin in 1988.it surpasses the current idustry standard in image
compression -the JPEG algorithm in terms of compression ratios
sometimes as much as 90% .but as of now most fractal compression
software take far too long to compress an average size image,which
limits its commercial viability.but as computing speed gets faster
and faster ,we could soon see fractal compression being the norm...
the basic principle involved in fractal compression is just the
opposite of fractal imaging,given an image we want to compress, find
an appropriate mathematical "equation" that describes it.this is
usually in the form of a set of linear maps called an "affine
transformation".once this is done,only the parameters of this mapping
need to be stored and not the pixel values themselves.thus
impressive compression ratios can be obtained.but,finding this
mapping requires time-lots of it.which means fractal compression
is not yet ready to be impemented commercially.

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fractal compression

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