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Stop spending money.

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Spiritual Warrior

Obvious but true!

Actually, a good way to save a bit of cash is to use credit cards for all your purchases, and then your money has an extra month to reap the interest. But make sure you pay it off in full when the bill comes through!

Sticking a tenner a week in a savings account by standing order is a good one as well, especially if you don't have a cash card or cheque book with the account - you're less likely to spend it if you have to go through the effort of going into your branch to get at it.

Stop spending money.

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Mother of God, Empress of the Universe

As host to a long line of parasites over the years, I have had plenty of opportunity to observe their methods of accessing other people's funds, while hanging on to their own.
Smokers like to claim they are quitting, so haven't bought themselves cigarettes, which makes me feel as if I ought to support their good intentions, so I have been known to let people mooch cigs off me on a regular basis for ages.
Drink cadgers have a tendency to order us a round, and then disappear to the powder room just at the moment the server comes to collect the tab. The slick ones say they will get the next round, and then wander off when the glasses are nearly empty, leaving me to order my own. Then they return with a full glass that someone else just bought for them...
Some people are very successful at suggesting we have a dinner party--everybody brings something--let's do it at your place, since you have the space. So, as it is at my house, I will have the main course and a few sides, and then they show up(often with friends) empty handed, because the stove was broken/work crisis/the dog ate it, etc.
So, to save money, just look for someone with SUCKER stamped across his forehead. Obviously I'm not the only one, because the mooches seem to thrive and prosper.

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Stop spending money.

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