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Hacking, cupping and effleurage

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Cheerful Dragon

Two techniques are missing from this article: Hacking is gently and quickly striking the muscles with the sides of your hands. Cupping is similar, but uses your cupped hands, palm downwards.

The technique you call 'sweeping' I know as 'effleurage'. It's done at the start of the massage, to help the person relax; during the massage when moving from one part of the body to another; at the end of the massage as a sort of 'wind down'. As it's a very gentle stroke, it can be done in any direction, but should be firmer in the direction of the heart and lighter when stroking away from the heart.

Yes, a full length massage is wonderful. But if you come home stressed, as Richard often does, even a few minutes of back massage can do wonders.

Hacking, cupping and effleurage

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Fragilis - h2g2 Cured My Tabular Obsession

I would agree that short massages should be given more due. One does not always have the luxury of longer massages, especially when both partners are equally frazzled. smiley - winkeye

However, the entry was very good in general. I'm glad to see it included in the Edited Guide.

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