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well, actually..

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I find there are are a few things wrong with the entry about Invercargill.

after growing up in Invercargill for 17 years, you get to know a bit about it.

First of all, The Licensing Trust allows selling of alcohol in supermarkets, I know this because I was dragged through these supermarkets as a child, and I accidently broke a bottle of wine making the place (and me) smell of.. well, wine.

The airport is not really an inner city airport due to the fact that it is just outside of the city (close to the commercial area, but not the residential areas, if you saw a map of Invercargill I am sure you will agree.
The airport is also built on an old lake, not many people know about this, but it is. This lake was more an estuary swamp that was drained either in the late 1800s or maybe the early 1900's, I cannot remember. But it makes it an interesting place to be when it floods, as in 1984, and a few floods after that date.

The streets are huge and I do not have a viable reason for this, but I always thought (jokingly usually) that this was due to driving of cattle down the main streets back in the early years.

but for any traveller to go to Invercargill, for gods sake, do not stay long, get out fast, most locals do.

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well, actually..

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