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I think you should have written "Digital radio is currently broadcasting across *MUCH OF* the UK". There are large areas of the country with no coverage and no prospect of coverage in the near future.

Why do DAB receivers cost so much when you can buy a portable Worldspace Digital Satellite receiver for £99. You can get good reception anywhere in the country with a clear take-off to the Satellite (about the same direction as the ASTRA satellites).

Digital Radio

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Sea Change

In the US of A, there is a company called XM that sells satellite radio service by subscription, much like satellite or cable TV. Their recievers are cheaper than listed here, and are sometimes free. It could be that they are hoping to recoup their costs with the subscription price.

In any case, they are not as truth- or completeness- driven as the BBC.

I thought in the UK they charge you a going rate just for having a television? If so, perhaps they could get you-all digital recievers.

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