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Octavius Harwood

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Nice article. But could you just explain the meaning of:

"Octavius Harwood who was a genius bed-hopper"

Does this mean that he was:

a) a genius who liked bed-hopping, or
b) that he hopped in to bed with a lot of geniuses (genii), or
c) that he was very good at bed-hopping - genius level in fact.

Just be interested to have that clarified. Many thanks. -Dan-

Octavius Harwood

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justus jonas

Octavius Harwood / bed-hopping -> hopping mad...

perhaps someone can make up a joke including these ideomatic expressions, and this name.

But mainly, i wanted to ask if there is somebody here, who knows a certain girl, who probably lives in Dunedin. I totaly lost contact 3 Yars ago and I would like to know, what she is doing now (send her an email etc). Her name is Kali, she studied in Christchurch and she must be about 25 now.
Yes I am aware that this would be a great coincidence if, but anyway, just wondered if she's fine while readig the article.

hejdå jj

Octavius Harwood

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Nel Blu

Octavius Harwood deserves the utmost respect, he was a very well known pioneer in Otago, paving the way for future dwellers on the Peninsula. The reason why I put he was a 'genius bed-hopper' was in fact answer c). His first wife was a Maori woman (who died of typhoid), his second love affair was with a Maori housemaid (whom then had twins) and his second marriage was to a very young Scottish girl who had come to New Zealand with her family.
That was alot for nineteenth century Otago!

Octavius Harwood

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Octavius Harwood was my great great Grandfather. Do you have any more info on him please?
Really appreciate it.
Rhonda smiley - biggrin

Octavius Harwood

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Hi Ronda, I am also a decendant of Octavius. My mum has information regarding Octavius and the Dundedin Early settlers museum has information. What do you want to know?

Octavius Harwood

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I think one of Octavious Harwoods female companions was a lady named Katarina Leahey. They had 3 children. Would you have any record of that? Any help would be much appreciated. I don't know for sure if Katarina was a Leahey at that time as that was her maiden name.

Thanks for all the help.

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