A Conversation for Are you Statistically Prepared to Become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

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"Members of the legislator of another country outside of the Commonwealth"

surely you mean "legislature".

Michael Howard was born in Llanelli, not Llenelli.

And there are numerous inconsistencies in the formatting. To take just two:

- when listing places of birth, England is a heading and then the regions are indented as a list. However, this list continues with Ireland, Scotland, etc.

- the numbers after the list items are different in each table. After the forenames they are spelled out and bold with a dash before. After the sibling order they are numeric (even when less than 10) and normal weight with a dash before. After the Schools they are numeric and bold with a dash after. After the Universities they are numeric and bold with a dash before and no space after. Career is different again, so is region represented.

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Mu Beta

I have to confess the formatting made my head hurt too.

But I love statistics and seem to be reasonably well qualified for future Premiership. If I wasn't a left-handed teacher. smiley - erm


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Steve K.

I also enjoyed the article, and I graded myself to get my chances. Not good, being a middle-aged Texan, born in Oklahoma, an independent voter, and with an engineering degree. But I am a right handed male, so maybe ... smiley - goodluck

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