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This is from the bootleg sold as "Yes - We Make Believe". It claims to be demos for the second ABWH album and has the names Anderson Bruford Wakeman and Howe on the cover.

However - from listening to it, I'm fairly certain that neither rick wakeman nor Bill Bruford appear in any way. If Rick IS on it, then he was clearly having an off day, and almost all of the drums sound like they were done by a beat-box.

The whole thing comes as 2 CD's featuring the following track listing:

CD 1 : Intro, Hold you in my arms, Watching the flags that fly, Make believe, Is it love?, Instrumental, Untitled, Take the water to the mountain, To the stars (ABWH demos, 1990), Richard #1, Richard #2 ("Tormato" outtakes, 1978 )

CD 2 : Santa Barbara, Touch me heaven, Axis of love, Instrumental, After the storm, Tall buildings (ABWH demos, 1990), God with a southern accent, Without a doubt, Big love (Steve Howe demos, 1990), Picasso, Railway fourteen ("Tormato" outtakes, 1978 ).

The ABWH tracks sound like mostly 100% Anderson compositions, although to date I have not come across any of them re-used on solo or group projects. The song "Picasso" is notable, because on the YesYears video, John sings a snatch of it whilst describing the Paris sessions.

All in all, it's not the best set of recordings, but I thought that they were interesting, rather than essential.

(Every time I listen to this bootleg, I'm reminded how badly Steve Howe sings)


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