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Was McGonigall aware...?

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I would have said that no one would endure this kind of abuse (and the long walk to Balmoral) deliberately, but now i would not be so quick to say so, having become aware of the comedian Andy Kaufman whose goal was to enrage his audience to the point of violence, at which he was sometimes successful. My first exposure to his idea of comedy was via a TV Special he had where he encouraged a 73-year-old former dancer to do a vigorous dance until she collapsed clutching her heart. House lights were brought up and distraught voices were heard calling for a doctor, etc. I did not catch on that it was all a joke until the doctor covered the lady's body with a cloth and the show then continued as though nothing had happened with a very visible covered 'corpse' upstage.

Was McGonigall aware...?

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I must say that it has been known of artists deliberately manipulating audiences into acknowledging their literary bias. If that is the case with McGonagall he is indeed a Master Poet. More over attempts could be made at reading his poetry with such deliberation in mind, i.e. considering the awfulness as a vehicle of a more profound truth ("...the poet speak the truth..."). As such The Poet could be read as either glorifying the mundane (and being ahead of his time in, oh about, 100 years), or plainly ridiculing the notion of "fine poetry" as such,and exhibiting moral fiber - "I have put myself to be mocked for you to realize that it is you who is doing the mocking: mock me not for I have shown just what conformist gits you all are."

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