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New Jersy Driving.

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One should also mention the rather unique Jersy piece of etiquette.

At any traffic light, one driver will alwsays try to illegally turn left in front of oncoming traffic.

This race can be seen at amy Jersy traffic light, its fun to watch at a red light, one car going straight, one turning left. There are many cheaters though, and lately the norm seems for the left turning car to run the red before it changes green. This just isn't fair.

New Jersy Driving.

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gobiefishy ... Stuck between the bookshelves at the library of (Hey kid get off of there!!) DOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Aah and lately, the newest invention, the left turn second-in-line decides that even if the first person in line has decided it's not safe to turn left yet, it's OK for HIM (or her-let's not be sexist here) to turn. Thereby leaving Mr/Mrs. First in line in the dust and narrowly causing or causing smashing accident.

I've have personally been Mrs. third or fourth in line and just sat with my jaw dropped watching the craziness unfold.


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