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Turning right at a Junction

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Researcher 155885

One curious thing I have noticed on British roads is when turning rights (across the on-coming lane) at a junction.

In Edinburgh everyone completely ignores the Highway code rule of opposing traffic passing drivers-side to drivers-side (I can never remember inside/outside/nearside/offside). Everyone passes in front of each other in Edinburgh - which makes for more cars getting through each turn of the signals but is theoretically less safe.

Some Edinburgh Junctions positively encourage breaking that rule by the road markings. Which is odd, because I thought the powers-that-be in Edinburgh didn't want anyone to get anywhere at all by car - or any vehicle that uses the roads including Taxis, Busses, Emergency Vehicles, Sinclair C5s.....

On the other hand in Stoke-on-Trent (I was only trying to find my way to Alton Towers - Honest) Everyone stricktly obeys the Highway Code (at least for the right turn at junction rule).

Now, coming from Edinburgh I was not aware of this ruling at first. And, Oh Boy! did I ever get a mouthful in Stoke-On-Trent.

On a slightly different subject. In Glasgow no one pays any attention to red lights. If you could have taken the bulb out with out burning your hand, it wasn't really red.... Quite!

Turning right at a Junction

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Ardzil ( Squad No-4 )

What red lights

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