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german driving

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A very perceptive piece. I would like to add that Germany is the only country I know of where the easiest way to get pulled over by the boys in olive drab is to keep to the speed limit in built up areas. Everybody speeds ,the plods assume you're drunk if you keep to the limits.

german driving

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Black Knight

Correction, the easiest way to get pulled over by the police is to cycle on the pavement, they really hate that!!

german driving

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Max Milliway

...or cross a street when the traffic light is red. Or hitchhike immediately behind a "start-of-motorway" sign.

german driving

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Researcher 195782

There is a much easier way to gain the attention of the police. Choose a Sunday. Just lift the bonnet, check your oil and if necessary top it up. You won't actually be able to complete this task before the police arrive. If you are a foreigner they will explain to you that you must stop immediately, as it is illegal to undertake such work on Sundays. You might notice your next door neighbour watching with interest. He is the one who called the police!

The same applies to doing almost anything else on Sunday, such as your washing. Instead, reserve Sundays for taking it easy and either drinking their magnicicent beer, or eating cream cakes - whichever is your preference.

german driving

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Sorry to but in on your conversation,but if researcher could go back to your own page then click on the "EDIT PAGE" button then write a little somthing about yourself ,then we can come and welcome you theresmiley - oksmiley - cheers


german driving

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Floh Fortuneswell

smiley - ok

Btw, perhaps you want to write an introduction, Researcher 195782, so that an ACE can welcome you officially smiley - smiley

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german driving

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