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I'm not really here

When I was a teenager I suffered from a lot of nosebleeds. There used to just start for no reason as I was walking about.
I was taught a totally different way to stop them.

Pinch the bone about 2mm below where the eyes meet between thumb and whatever finger feels most comfortable. Pinch fairly hard (it doesn't really hurt), and tilt your head slightly forward. This doesn't stop you breathing through your nose, and seals off the blood vessels at the top. The bleeding should stop fairly quickly and when you release your nose it doesn't pull apart any clot that might have formed.

I never had any problem stopping nosebleeds on my own and never had to go to the hospital for treatment.
Luckily I grew out of nosebleeds.


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Ah, I look forward to the day I grow out of them. They are mostly only brought on by excesive sneezing/blowing off the nose. As I tend to get well bunged up with colds AND hayfever this leaves a two week gap in October when I am mildly surprised if one happens. You do get to sound all macho as you bleed profusely, yet act all relaxed, which is nice, if expensive in shirts, shoes etc. They can also be good for the sympathy vote I find.


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I'm not really here

And for getting out of lessons.


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I've been cauterized again - the nice thing now is that I bleed to the back of the nose so it doesn't tend to drip/stream all over me - worst times are winter - one every day or if I'm lucky twice! Incidentally I read a "cure" for the hayfever was to have a teaspoon of honey everyday to build up your immune system as honey is obviously made from pollen.


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I'm not really here

I was told to drink honey with boiled milk for my hayfever, trouble is, I think that it is allergy to something else, not pollen.
that's a lot of nosebleeds, I used to get one or two a week.


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I used to get one every morning in the shower when I was a teenager...

But on another note, what about lying down durring the treatment as mentioned in the article? this doesn't really help the healing, but can stop the blood from running down your chest. It runs down your throat instead.


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You've just made me remember punching myself in the face to make my nose bleed to get out of a French test...

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