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Very Cool Game!
Just be sure to have 'Knights of The Round' before you enter the final battle with Sephiroth!


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Or a game shark smiley - winkeye


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Or a game shark smiley - winkeye


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Actually I beat the game without either, but sadly, the game froze during the ending so I didn't get to see it.


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smiley - smiley
I beat the game without either the first time, too. Escaped with something like one point left!
That's why I recommended not going in with out Knights of the Round.

A few days after I won, I read about Knights of the Round.' So I went back to my save just before entering the final 'dungeon.' I got my party the heck out of there, found Knights of the round and returned to the final battle. What a difference!

It was so much easier! And, I didn't almost break the controller from hanging onto it so hard and screaming NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!as my entire party just about got wiped out every turn! *wasn't like that at all the second time*


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knights of the round is nothing....my friend has totally maxed cloud's stats out (255 for all of the attributes e.g. strength, defence, etc) only he's done it the hard way (no gameshark for him!) he went down to the crashed underwater plane and morphed the creatures there to get attack plus, luck plus, and the like.

silly me i only got all of my creatures to a level of 99


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Zebedee (still Pool God after all these years)

Maybe I've been spared!

I reckon I got well over halfway through before a friend managed to wipe the saves. Just couldn't be arsed to go through so many hours again...

Still, I'd love to know what happens though! I'm sort of hoping that some fantastic piece of luck will allow me to play on from my approximate last position in the future...

Great game...


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The Fallen Angel (bloke form Altair Prime wishes to meet single female from Achenar 6d apply within)

Dumb git killed himself when I played. I casted reflect on my party but I thaught that was a mistake coz cloud was on yellow health. then sephiroth casted flare on me! I compleatly forgot about reflect and screamed abuse at my playstation. then it bounced back and killed sephiroth. I partied that night. after crapping myself at fightnig him in the flesh afterwords but i didnt count on omnislash that waz fantastic. incidently i tested KOTR on the midgar zolom coz i hate him. HAHAHA! has n e 1 compleated FF8?


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Dizzy H. Muffin

You've spelt "completed" wrong. smiley - winkeye

Boy, doesn't FF7 have a roller-coaster plot? I mean, the hero starts out as a mercenary, then he hears that Sephiroth's trying to take over the world, and then he goes on this long quest, and at some points you look at Seph and say, "It's not his fault!" before you finally get to meet him, and presumably squish him.

And that's just the first half of the game. smiley - bigeyes


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I didn't know you could get out just before the final dungeon. I had tried to escape just to have fun w/ the Save Crystal but couldn't do it. I actually haven't beat the game yet, I was just trying to get myself killed. (I went in below level 70)


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This is Tepus not Qoa (the nickname lies!) smiley - winkeye but anyhow, have any of you played ff9? its cool i think ff8 was not good enuff to be a final fantasy lol baiii!



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Bobo(VIPER) (Secruity Chief for Khar Siid) (Undead!?)

I agree with you Tepus Final Fantasy VIII isn't the best of the rest
and I've played final fantasy IX and it is GREAT!!
I recommend you go out and buy the game it has a great story line but it is kind of easy to beat though but it isn't so easy to beat all of the side quests like oxmo or Hades they are kind of hard well not as hard as Ruby Weapon

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Lucrecia (Knight of an Unusual Amount of Healing Items, Movie Buff Extraordinaire - A809958)

I actually didn't think that the final battle vs. Sephiroth was that hard compared to the final battle in, say, FF6 vs. Kefka with the multiple levels and the character order you determind before the fight and all. I like to blitz through game to get the plot once before going back and getting all of the extra stuff, and I went in @ level 42 or something and absolutely *toasted* Sephiroth. (Despite the fact that he is amazingly attractive, for a vilian.) The trick is... Well, I'll leave that up to you. As an established RPG gamer, I wouldn't want to reveal any of my secrets unless you guys want all games from this day forward to be ruined by their sheer easyness!

A quick hint: Play Final Fantasy Tactics and apply those strategies to all other games. ie: Develop each character to have a specific function throughout the whole game. Then they will be specialists! If you fight each boss the same way the whole game, you'll be so good at your little niches and your routines that the final boss will be a cinch! Final Fantasy 10 takes this to a whole new level by allowing you to customise (ie: ultra-specialise) not only your character's abilities, but also their statistics!

For a full explanation on how this tactic will help you in FF7, drop me a line on my page or reply to this message.

Affectionately yours,

PS: 10 points to whomever tells me how my name relates to FF7 first!


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Researcher 206134

Lucrecia, Sephiroths Supposed mother, also love of vincent and cause of his eternal damnation to the shinra mansion in Nibrelheim, she and hojo had sephiroth and he was infused with mako energy while still in the womb, he became unhumanly strong and skilled with magic and weapons, he believes jenova is his mother, because she was believed to be an ancient, when really she was the plague that wiped out the ancients. Thus sephiroth isnt an ancient, but a mere mortal bent on world domination and the pursuit of the promised land at the expense of all of the people who get in his way and everyone on earth. Any other questions?


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Researcher 208255

vincent valentine wife

final fantasy

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Researcher 210938

i think final fantasy ix is the easiest of them all.including the side quests.its the final fantasy x which i think is the most difficult if you wanna complete the entire game including sidequests.its really challenging to have enemies that has 999,999,999 hp.its like facing ruby weapon in final fantasy vii.
does anybody have a good strategy on how to defeat nemesis in ffx?

final fantasy

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Lucrecia (Knight of an Unusual Amount of Healing Items, Movie Buff Extraordinaire - A809958)

Can't think who nemesis is... Do you mean Sin? (I thought that Nemesis was in Resident Evil) But the best way to beat any boss in FFX, in my opinion, is to take the time to find Auron's ultimate weapon (involves capturing about a jillion enemies... I can elaborate if you like). Once I got that, it was smooth sailing for me from then on. (He was doing over 9,999 damage per attack at that point.) Yuna's ultimate weapon is a help, too, as well as setting her Limit Gauge so that it fills when she heals someone and then using the ability where she gives a little bit of health to each player without any mp. Then you can summon her creatures (specifically the Three Sisters... I can tell you how to get them as well if you need me too) with a full limit gauge.

I agree, though. FF7's plot is *amazing* and FFX.... WOW! I cried!

-Lucrecia smiley - fullmoon

PS: Another question, eh? How about this: Has anyone seen the hidden cinema in FF7 where you learn what happened to Zack and Cloud after Cloud killed the original Sephiroth? You see it if you go into the Library in Shinra Mansion during the 3rd disk.

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Heylo fellow Final Fantasy people...I'm a little stuck...

I'm heading on down to fight Sephiroth, when I shouldn't be. I don't know how to get the Knights of The Round, or any of the Ultimate Weapons...

Anyone give me the answer to my pickle???? Any other hints (providing they are explained in detail) would be welcome too...

final fantasy

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Saturnine, I accidentally went down way too early and saved stupidly as well, and I didn't have any ultimate weapons or anything. My levels were pretty low too (I only had level2 limits). Sephiroth wasn't actually that hard, I thought. You need to use the save crystal really wisely; leave it extremely late. Oh, and keep hold of your megalixers; they're the only reason I survived Sephiroth and Jenova etc.

I must say, the really tough Final Fantasy ending is Exdeath in FF5. The bosses are just ridiculously powerful in that!! I must complete FF7 again some time, though, cos at the end I had the speed on max so Sephiroth attacked me before I could use omnislash. Cloud counters and you win, which I thought was actually nicely poetic, but I still wish I'd seen the legendary move.

final fantasy

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I'm pretty sure I saved it halfway - and I think I have loads of megaelixers...my levels are about 75-ish and my limit breaks are level 4 (I think - or at least close to).

I need the weapons more than anything...my materia is good, I just need the weaponry smiley - blue

It's also quite sad finishing a game. I'm going to go back to my SNES sometime and complete the Legend of Zelda game (have had it for years and only got halfway)...

But WEAPONS! Help! People!

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