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I'm the author of this, and I was just reading the new version and spotted a typo I must have missed. Under Donna's section, it says:

"The writer's decided" - should be "The writers decided".

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i like da West Wing...........but I think it's too idealistic. Da current US President is a bit thik..........not like his TV equivalent.

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GodBen (The Magical Astronomer) - 00000011

And another problem in the section on Josh:

"He is a non-practising Jew (his grandfather was in Birkenau during World War Two."

There should be a closing bracket after World War Two.


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Smij - Formerly Jimster

They're fixed now.


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They were probably both my fault. Thanks GodBen.


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Acha acha acha

Screw da Typos. Da West Wing est a great programme..........no doubt it's UK equivalent of the rubbish that goes on in whitehall and 10 Downing Street would be drop dead boring

I say we should let da TV programme decide da fate of a nation........TV should rule da world

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