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Steve K.

We recently had new floors put in most of our house (near Houston, Texas), after repainting the walls and ceiling ourselves. The main bathroom and kitchen/dining/laundry area were done with 12" ceramic tiles on a 45 degree angle. That took three men two days and came out very nice. The main living area, master bedroom, hallway and entryway were all done with manufactured flooring that has a bamboo surface. This took three (other) men a couple of days also and also looks good. This house is on a concrete slab (typical for this area) which can and does move, so the floor had to be levelled first (after removing the old carpet and vinyl flooring), using some kind of lay-in material that hardens overnight. I think my wife and I would have gotten very frustrated and tired if we tried the DIY route. These guys all had the right equipment and knew waht they were doing.

We did do the floor of my "office" (an extra bedroom) after removing the old (shag!) carpet, free standing bookshelves, and years of accumulated ... stuff. We just painted the concrete, came out great IMHO, sort of an industrial look along with the new wall mounted shelving on all four walls. Had to go to IKEA for special small shelves over the closet door and window, but the final result is very nice for my purposes - the entire floorspace is clear (no standing shelves) and I've got much more shelf space. This was a good DIY project.

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the only thing needed now is your presence


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Sounds like you got the right balance for that job.smiley - ok

I agree with you about the painted concrete floors - I think they can look very good.



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Steve K.

My presence has been added - this is where my computer is, so its where I spend WAY too much time ... smiley - online2long

My wife has seen some pretty inspired floor painting schemes - mine is basic battleship blue/gray - but it seems pretty rugged, which is all I wanted.

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