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New Pern book not mentioned

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Insane Endeavour

You'll need to put 'Skies of Pern' on there now...

Brilliant book btw! Have you read it? (Directed to anyone who likes Anne McCaffrey's work and wants to do a bit of Pern obsessing! smiley - winkeye

Finished all the pern books I can get hold of now... *sob* smiley - sadface
Turned to collecting old editions instead.

Anyone have any idea where I can get hold of a copy of Runner of Pern in the UK?


New Pern book not mentioned

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Hi IE... ~Grin~

When me wrote the article last year... the new novel had been written but not officially named... so me could only include as such... Ms McCaffrey did say that is was a pern book... and that it was about F'Lessan... but should would not give any further hints... The article should be updated now... but me has just won a fight for a moderated section of the article to be replaced.. when that has happened me will get round to getting the article updated... ~Grin~

Me got The Skies of Pern as soon as it came out... and loved it... ~grin~

As to you question about The Runners of Pern... ohhhhhhh... that did perplex me... me had read it... but where... and then me remembered... it forms one of five short stories in the book 'LEGENDS'... also included in the book is a Terry Pratchett story as well... so if you are a Discworld fan... tis wonderful... ~bigger grin~

You should be able to get it from most book shops... or order it....

LEGENDS, edited by Robert Silverberg. (Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, George R.R. Martin, Tad Williams, Robert Jordan) Published by Voyager (HarperCollins) ISBN 0 00 648394 1

It also has a brilliant Josh Kirby cover... which often has it put with other Discworld books... WEll... the one that me has does anyway... hope this helps...

Huggles.. Greebs.. xx

New Pern book not mentioned

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Zantic - Who is this woman??

I'm now following you Greebs.. smiley - winkeye

I've obviously missed out on several of these books... smiley - wah This is gonna cost me next time I visit the Sci-Fi shop...ain't it?

New Pern book not mentioned

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Oh... me is sorry Zantic... ~grin~... but think of all the pleasure you will get from your hard earned money...

hugs... Greebs..xx

New Pern book not mentioned

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Zantic - Who is this woman??

*make mental note to remember and 'rescue' all McCaffery books next time goes home to parents*

New Pern book not mentioned

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Oh lucky you... if you have some Pern books that you have not read yet...

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