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Dr Hell

Hey someone?

How about including a link to gravity?

Is that possible?


Post 2

Jimi X

Yes and no.

It is possible to update Edited Entries. However, that process is manual and extremely cumbersome, especially given the limited number of staff in the h2g2 offices.

Doing an update for the sake of a link to another Edited Entry really isn't quite worth it, in my opinion.

Feel free to argue if you'd like... smiley - smiley


Post 3

Dr Hell

Oh how come the answer comes so fast?

Are you somewhere monitoring everything that goes in and out?

I thought it would take a lot longer, for that reason I posted something to the Feedback site somewhere (I think editorial feedback)

What is the best forum to talk about this?

Thank you Jimi X.



Post 4

Dr Hell

OK... It is exhausting to maintain all entries just for the sake of completely linking it... I thought so.

But I do not think it is not worth it. At least in some cases.

Specially in scientific entries where everything sort of interconnects. Sometimes it is nice to see how one thing leads to the other.

But hey... maybe you are right...

I was just asking.




Post 5

Jimi X

I'm subscribed to all of my Edited Entries so when you post to one, I know right away at my Personal Space.

And since I've been tasked as Subeditor who does the updating, I'm familiar with the circumstances with updates as well as anyone on site.

Bit of lucky circumstances working in your favour I reckon. smiley - winkeye

I'd love for there to be an automated system for this very problem. I wrote about a dozen entries on my home state of Pennsylvania before I did the overview entry on Pennsylvania so none of those older ones have links to the Pennsylvania one. Bit of a bother, but there you go...

Cheers! smiley - ale

- X


Post 6

Dr Hell

Cheers. (See you in the h2g2-editorial balh blah...)

Thanks Jimi X.


Post 7

Jimi X

Don't mention it. smiley - smiley

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