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Southern USA Cuisine

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Liosliath the Guardian, Protector of Kittens and Puppies, Vanquisher of Flames,emeritus.

The "Yankee" view of Southern Cuisine is based on a "Love/
Hate" relationship. Some Southern Cooking we absolutly love
and some are so alien that we cannot even contemplat the con-
cept of it being food. I offer this not as a criticism, but as an observation based on environment, ethnic background, and
Southern iced tea is also called "Sweet Tea" and is usually
considered oversweetened by "Northeners" who usually
sweeten to taste.
Northern cornbread is sweetened and is referred to as
"Journey Cake" or "Johnny Cake".
Grits? Whats grits?
Collards? Chitterlings? Never heard of them.
We do know what Canadian bacon is.
From The Great White North of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Southern USA Cuisine

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Yes, Southern Sweet tea will put most folks into sugar shock. Let's not forget Sun Tea. Get a large sealable clear container, Fill with water, add tea bags(depending on amount of water), sugar (lots) and lemon. Set it out on the porch in direct sunlight. Wait a few hours add ice and you have a nice summer drink.

Southern USA Cuisine

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One should also be aware that it is not called "Sweet Tea" in the south, it is just called Tea. Most northerners expect their tea to come unadulterated with no sugar, so it is vastly amusing to see the expressions on their face after they take the first sip of the glass they ordered with their meal.

So, if you want the sugar free variety, you must order "Unsweetened Tea." The waitress will then be very nice to you, as she will assume you must have diabetes, because no one else ever drinks their tea that way.

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