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"Canne anglaise" - What's that?

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Jonathan 160696

Can any seasoned angler help me?

I am looking for a translation from French into English of "canne anglaise". This is a rod about 4 metres longs with 8 - 12 rings.

Is there a specific name for such a rod?

I was thinking that it could be translated by "roach rod". Can anyone
Keith Reeder of Blyth, Northumberland has suggested "float rod"


I am also looking for a translation of "fil cassant".

This is - if I have understood correctly - a secondary line with a heavy sinker attached to the main line in order to maintain the bait at depth. When the fish is hooked or the angler strikes the subsidiary line breaks so that the fish can be played without interference.

I have heard that it is used for pike and trout fishing in scottish lochs. An angling friend has suggested that it might be translated by "break-line" (but this word has another meaning - change in river-bed topography)

Keith and Leon have suggested "Rotten Bottom".
But a) does this refer to the river bed conditions or to the name of the line itself?
b) Does it refer to the main line or a secondary line ?
c) Is the expression "rotten bottom" known by anyone else?


"Canne anglaise" - What's that?

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Tharg Analskweezer

The french have a history of using a fixed line to a long pole.The size of pole ,dependent on how far out you wish to fish can be broken down into fitted sections or on the smaller versions is a one piece "whip".
The english although aware of the french pole seemed to drift towards running line fishing using a rod and reel. This method is generally termed float fishing unless legering using a weight instead of a float. Susequently the french pole became known as the roach pole in england.
I have n't looked up the translation of canne into english but I suppose it could mean rod (especially as the original rods were made of split cane. (canne ??)

Now - this load of whatsit with a line breaking off - what pleasure angler would use this ? Weights are relatively expensive and your seasoned angler does not like to lose one nor foul the bed of the lake. There is a method known as the paternoster rig in which a line goes direct to a weight on the river or lake bed. A hook length is then trailed of this line so that the fish takes the bait at a known depth. Popular with multi line rigs for sea fishing. Don't know of one where a breakage is required unless some sort of bolt rig.
Any help ?

mp hLe

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