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Nice entry! I lik ethe sound of some of these.

Another variant to think about (and to include in any future updated version of this excellent entry) is this one.


The aims and objectives of the game are the same as in the normal game but pieces can leave one side of the board and reappear at the other side during their normal moves. (Imagine that the board is a cylinder. So a rook moving left on the fourth row for instance, instead of stopping at square E1 keeps going but appears at E8. He can take any unsuspecting piece that he comes across on that side of the board)

Any piece can leave either side of the board although pawns would need to be actually taking a piece to do this as they usually only move in straight lines forward.

another variant

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One version which looks rather amusing (although a sane liver may disagree) is to use various drinking glasses for the different pieces, each filled with their appropriate alcoholic slurpy. One capturing a piece, the player is required to drink the contents...

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