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Rosebud Cafe, Paris, France

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The Rosebud Café is located approximately 50 metres from the Sacré Coeur in the centre of Paris. It has only one room with at most five tables at any one time. It seats about 25 people if you're not taking any notice of fire hazard laws.

A drink there costs differently according to who you are. The menu states that a beer will set you back 18 francs. but if you are willing to haggle a bit you can get the price down to 10 francs. This works best if you are in a large group that fills the café and there are females in your group. The owner is a friendly chap who tries to be as helpful as he can. This is because he wants you to stay. Apart from the odd person asking for directions no-one ever seems to enter. A large group of people entering is enough to put the owner off and this is subsequently the best time to try and haggle down the price. Do not try and haggle once everyone has sat down, this will not work. The threat of the biggest sale in the history of the café will ensure that the owner will do everything to keep you inside.

If you are in a mixed sex group be aware of people selling roses (a common thing in Paris) as the owner will join forces with that person and will try to sell you roses. He does this by offering a rose to a female, and then demanding payment from the nearest male. This will work if you're not a strong-willed individual, but if you shake your head and continue your conversation, you'll be okay, the rose will disappear before your very eyes and the salesman will go elsewhere to make some money.

The Rosebud is only recommended for no other reason than a good laugh and a cheap beer.

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