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for a different perspective on the news, try 'Hidden Agendas' by John Pilger, and 'Manufacturing Consent' by Chomskey.

I watch the news to find out whats happening on the planet. I'm not very interested in 'personality' type news, cos my mates are much more interesting to gossip about.

The news should tell us the facts so that we can collectivley make informed decisions about the future, I reckon.


A couple more for the reading list

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punychicken, Patron saint of Insomniac Truthseekers and Keeper of All Things Moist and Some Things Lilac

facts you say.... and that we should be told them. How will these little morsels of information be delivered? Well, how a fact is interpreted relies on its postioning and context. But I know what you mean having read manufacturing consent too. Just being pointless. Another one of his is necessary illusions (but that might already have been mentioned someplace else. I have just stumbled upon this!).
As for personality news... it can go off somewhere and have a crisis or photo shoot or something...


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