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1984 is a good book

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Orwell was a great auother. Hopefully his writing of 1984 smiley - ta will help me get an A for my english Higher smiley - grovel (along with my hard work of coursesmiley - tongueout)

1984 is a good book

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too right he was a great author... im not doing one of his books for my higher though. it's just too cliche (perhaps not the most appropriate word to use...) at my school. we're given these sheets with books that are popular and everyone instantly chooses George Orwell's 1984... most of them without a clue about what the book is truely about... or something. i dont know if im making much sense... lol

1984 is a good book

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your making sense, there are some books that we are told not to do, i didn't get any list. I had to use a bit of initiative to be allowed to do it, as my teacher is allowing only one person to do the book as in his view there is only one angle to be taken that can achieve a good enough mark. He is a very good teacher.

1984 is a good book

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1984 is a brilliant book, for year 10's GCSE coursework you have to write your own version of the section about room 101, it has been great reading his works (i have also read animal farm, another of george orwell's insightful pieces) and i hope i can be close to his book and get an A*, i always aim high, lol.

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