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GTI? What about the GTI!?

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Would it be out of order to mention the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

DNA had and drove one from restaurant to restaurant. I've read he liked it.

I think I know why. Unlike the usual transport appliances, some cars like the Golf GTI evoke a greater being within yourself. At first it can be almost intoxicating. The Golf GTI is what defined and continues to define a whole genre of motoring. One that says that fast cars can be fun and still somewhat sensible.

Of course, the current crop of sensible GTIs don't hold a candle to the raw fusion of (wo)man and machine provided by the earlier generations of the cars.

That's my story. And I'm sticking to it.

GTI? What about the GTI!?

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Rains - Wondering where time's going and why it's in so much of a hurry!

I have to agree....my very first car (somewhat foolishly) as soon as I passed my test was a Mk2 GTI, the better 8 valver, with no PAS, no electric windows or mirrors or sunroof, or even a functioning stereo (!).

But it turned the drive to work from a chore into something that could be savoured. No other car I've driven has ever made me feel so connected with what's going on between the tyres and the road for all four wheels. I'm eagerly saving up for a Mk1 as I am informed they are even better!

Unfortunately, the Mk2 got written off 6 months ago after a woman ran into the back of me....I'm still mourning its passing.

GTI? What about the GTI!?

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And here. It's difficult to describe exactly why you never get bored driving one, but it's true. And don't forget the reliability and longevity - My Mk2 is now 16, never breaks down, and sails through the MoT every time. How many Peugeot 205s, Escort Mk3s, Astras etc do you see on the roads nowadays?

However, when the wife's car died and I decided to splash out, I got a Mk4. Not nearly as much fun to drive, and rather incredibly, less reliable than the Mk2 despite being 14 years younger. There's progress for you.smiley - wah

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