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Some lesser known ones

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

Reverse ad hominem - I came up with the name, but it is quite common. Basically, you build up someone's character to imply that whatever they are doing or saying is good. For example,

"The TD is doing this because he feels it is the right thing, not because he stands to gain from it."

How do we know? Is the law still a good one?

The reverse ad hominem is often used by simply accusing your opponent of making an ad hominem argument, eg

Lawyer1: "This woman cannot care for a child. She is out all night drinking, takes drugs, and leaves the girl to fend for herself. The father should have custody."

Lawyer2: "Your honour, my opponent is simply making an ad hominem argument and I ask the jury to have the intelligence to ignre such drivel about an honest woman who just wants to hold onto the most precious thing in her life"

That one has both standard and reverse ad hominem arguments.

Then of course, there is the variant of false dilemma which I name false absolutes. This is where you make it seem that there in no middle ground, and that often if your opponent wants to support one thing, then s/he must also support another. For example,

"So you think marijuana should be legal eh? You say we have the right to do as we wish with our bodies? Well then, you're also syaing that we should legalize ecstasy, heroin, and cocaine, and while we're at it, give tobacco and alcohol to children."

Now you are left spluttering, since you didn't want heroin or any of the other crap legalized, just marijuana.

Some lesser known ones

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Nice, clear article smiley - ok

Evowiki has quite a comprehensive list here: http://wiki.cotch.net/index.php/Category:Fallacies

smiley - cheers

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