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whatever it's called....I love it!

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call it what you will, but I just love the whole genre.

Well, actually, that's a lie. I don't really like the hard core sci-fi with the emphesis on the science. Or the hard core fantasy where theres vast numbers of chapters devoted to magic etc. but read to me suspiciously like a bad acid trip.

However, I truly love the freedom of the whole thing.

I think that when writing about a 'world' where literaly anything can happen then often the most interesting things get said. It's not really the reaction of a werewolf to a deamon coming out of the floor boards that is interesting, it's the examination of the way in which the human author has imagined this happening. For goodness sake, how would we know? But it's fun trying to imagine.

One of my personal favourites is the 'fanfic'. Those strange creations of the few demented souls who are not content with Buffy the Vampire Slayer as is but feel the need to mix in the Charmed ones and the entire cast of Highlander for good measure.

With sci/fi and fntasy there are no limits. And who cares who shot Phil? If its not a government conspiricy or little green men then why should I be interested. I can understnad that s-f/f may vbe a little too wierd for the majority of the population but I still fail to see tha attraction of watching something vey clost to realy life on TV. How can that be entertainment? How can it be relaxing? It would be more understandable if life was like Dallas, (the money bit I mean) but it's not.

We know how people react when they get divorced, when the fish n chip shop goes out of business. What we dont know is how far people can go, the limits they can each. And while it's true that about 00% of people would have a nuervous breakdown before chapter two of the regualr fantasy it's still fun to dream.

Oh, and top recomendation: 'the tough giude to fantasy land' by Diana Wynn Jones. Don;t leave home without it.

That's it, rant over.

But a final word of earning for the uninitiated.

'ere be dragons.....


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whatever it's called....I love it!

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