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Short People and Umbrellas

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A pet peeve of mine is short people carrying umbrellas. They never look where they're going and frequently during the rainy season (jan-dec, London) I am the one who has to move out of the way to avoid being stabbed by the brolly.
Whatever happened to the raincoat?

Short People and Umbrellas

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Guilty as charged!

I am a short person...when it rains I use an umbrella...raincoats, sheesh...do I want to look like Frank Spencer?

But, I always look where I'm going and always use a small umbrella. Us shorties frequently get mistaken for mushrooms if carrying the larger type of umbrella ;p

My pet peeve with regard to umbrellas is the people who like to carry the large ones with the big nasty metal spikes, as if they were some kind of weapon...with the spike pointing forward so that if they fell over the poor unfortunate in front of them would be skewered in a very gory fashion.

Short People and Umbrellas

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Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups-Spurtle-and-Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer & Zaphodista)

I'm blind in my right eye*, and can't see anyone approaching from that side. Consequently, I regularly carry small "battle scars" on that side of my face from impatient grannies with sharp-spoked umbrellas who assume I will leap out of their way like every other intimidated six-foot man in the street... smiley - winkeye

(* not, however, as the result of an umbrella incident...)

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