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ways of brewing

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This may sound heretical, but I've discovered several ways of brewing green tea. And it is very good cold. In Taiwan a common practice is to pour hot green tea into a shaker, add ice and a little sugar and shake it until it stops clacking. It is then poured into a frosted mug. Jasmine green tea is very popular in this manner. It also makes wonderful pearl tea. I'm not much of a connoisseur, but when I lived in Taiwan, I used to drink green tea, hot or cold, by the liter and have grown to love the stuff.

When quick quantity is needed, a drip coffee maker works very well, as long as it has never been used for anything else. Just remember to remove the tea from the heat as soon as it's finished and pour it into another container. Otherwise it becomes bitter, and that's a waste of good tea.

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ways of brewing

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