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Ironic Name Changes

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I remember seeing an interview with Michael Keaton during the early (i.e. good) Batman films, where he was asked about Michael Keaton not being his real name.
He replied (in an amused fashion) that his real name (Michael Douglas) had already been used and therefore he couldn't use it. The Irony of the situation (as shown in the article) is that the actor known as Michael Douglas is using a pseudonym as that isn't his real name.

Ironic Name Changes

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Cheerful Dragon

The actor 'known as' Michael Douglas may not be using a pseudonym. It depends on whether his father, Kirk, changed his name legally or just adopted a 'stage name'. If it was a legal change (and I know that his three sons all have the surname 'Douglas', so I assume it was), then 'Michael Douglas' is NOT a film star pseudonym. It certainly isn't listed as one.

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