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Ce quoi un 'Ford Prefect'? (What's a Ford Prefect?)

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Here's a bit of useless Trivia for you...

Whoever produced the French translation of the books was clearly worried that the French wouldn't get the link between Ford's surname and the 1950s car...

So in French he's now called 'Ford Escort'

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Ce quoi un 'Ford Prefect'? (What's a Ford Prefect?)

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James Casey

Well thank goodness they didn't rename him for the movie...

Ce quoi un 'Ford Prefect'? (What's a Ford Prefect?)

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There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Douglas wrote (and presumably set) the Hitchikers Guide series in the mid 70s, which means that if Ford Prefect had been 'stuck on earth' for 15 years he would have been there for the whole of the sixties.

Given that Ford is such a party animal, where on earth (no pun intended smiley - winkeye) was he during the sixties, also given that he often *complained* about having been on the planet for so long?

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