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King Louis XI

I have a MP3 of what it says "Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd playing stairway to heaven." I was just wondering if this is a miss naming or if Pink Floyd did something with Led Zepplin.


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Researcher 230341

I believe Floyd and Led Zep did do a session together, but it was mainly blues tracks - I'm not aware of any version of Stairway to Heaven (non recorded anyway)


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Researcher 230467

I'm pretty sure they did *not* play together!

I don't think there's any personal dislike, but Pink Floyd have indicated in interviews that Led Zep is not their cup of tea. At a sound check before PF's first show in 1994, a couple of the touring band extra members spontaneously started to play "Whole Lotta Love" for a moment, but David Gilmour stopped them with a dirty look.

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